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Words of the Founder

Our educational management seeks an interdisciplinary vision on the country: engineering, political, psychological, entrepreneurial and spiritual.

Our objective has always been to design an academic and management proposal to form citizens who, as stated by exemplary educators like Constantino Carvallo and Fernando Cabieses, are fundamentally good people, and with that, keeping alive the utopia of social justice.

We contribute by forming "better people", "professionals who think with the brain and act with the heart", phrases of Constantino Carvallo and Fernando Cabieses respectively.

Our permanent task is to find the right balance between the economic result that an investment requires and the vocation for quality education and service to the country.

Ing. José Dextre Ch.
Mg. en Educación
Presidente Grupo Educa_D

Our vision

To maintain the growth of our organization by achieving national coverage providing services of higher education that stimulates the growth of national educational quality, as well as increasing our contribution to the country's harmonious development.

To be an institution that is recognized as a motivator of positive competition through our educational and health services. An institution that offers the highest quality at the right price for the benefit of our country, our consumers, collaborators and shareholders.

Our Values

Strategic Thinking

We always have a dream that drives us to new challenges and keeps us competitive.

Quality Service

Acting in the best possible way towards our external and internal client; stimulating innovation and creativity to always be the best with the main goal of training better people.

Excellent Teams

We work proactively, quickly and carefully, organizing and planning for results and closing on time the projects we started.

Perseverance and gratitude

We reward our employees based solely on their merits and efforts in achieving their goals in a framework of dignity and mutual respect, which treats our co-workers and clients as if they were ourselves.

Loyalty and Honesty

We respect the norms, values ​​and interests of our institution by complying with the truth, ethical and legal norms, towards us, towards those who render our services and towards society, being critical against corruption as a tara of our society.

Social Responsibility and Solidarity

We orient our talent towards achieving the goals of our students and the social and environmental welfare of our country.

Respect for diversity and tolerance

We value ethnic, cultural and natural plurality, as well as respect for differences of thought as part of a democratic, harmonious and developing society.

Freedom of thought and creativity

To facilitate innovation and the search of opportunities, criticism of formal truths to facilitate continuous improvement and the pursuit of consensus.

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